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I got this idea stuck in my head after being in Santorini for about two seconds earlier this month. That over the years I have lived or stayed in a lot of places with great views. And maybe I had pictures of those views somewhere?

(I did. Mostly on film. These are a lot of them. Also the first shot of the last post.)

My friend Alex used to say, it doesn’t matter how your place looks really, only where your door opens out to.

He also used to say:  “Sleep is so good. It’s the best. You can’t buy that shit.” But that wisdom is for a different post.

I wish you all (and Alex) all the great views in the world.




I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently. Which is great for filling your head with new things, people and places.

But now need to get back to that quiet place that is home.

Relax. Reflect. Retreat back into me.

And get writing.



There is a magical place in London where you can see bands play for the price of an album, a t-shirt and showing up on time (or begging the bouncer to let you in. Good luck with that.) The gigs there are so small you may even get to talk to the band after.

That is where I saw the band Real Estate for the second time.

When I first saw them in Jericho Tavern in Oxford almost two years ago it was their first time in the UK and they were very young, bright-eyed and polite, and they sounded great.

They sounded even better the second time. (They were still very young and very nice.)

Of course I’m a big fan of surf, rock music and the beach, so I might be biased.

I sometimes put their song Beach Comber on repeat and listen to it as I write.

Tiny Mix Tapes has their tour dates. And you can follow them on twitter for updates.


So I just finished this amazing graduate writing course in Oxford that I’ve been doing for the last two years and found a few empty pockets of time. So I started scanning some old pictures.

For example this one slide film I shot the first time I went to Oxford in 2009 when the course started.

For the longest time I thought I was going to do a photography book called Travels+Daydreams.

If I did these would be the kind of pictures I would include.

Flight 01

The Emperors

Swan Lake