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It was a tiny little camera. It took tiny pictures. That you could stick on things, if you got the sticky film. (The pictures were as small as post stamps.)

For a whole year I looked for the version of it that was also digital.* Never found it. I shot a few films with it. They were kind of expensive.

By the time I could afford more film, they stopped making it. It stayed in the closet,  as new. The other day I turned it on and it even made the sound that its flash was warming up.(I had forgotten to take out the batteries.)

Of course, I could always bring it back to life. All I need is some APS film and a floppy. Ha ha ha.

*0.3 pixels and 1 MB of internal memory!



I give you…
a film of a Mysterious Pier.


I actually made this film last month when I was playing with my new pinhole cap. It just took a while to figure out how to edit it… Not bad for first try ever, no?
Some previous unedited but very fun attempts san pinhole in reverse chronological order:
Fanfarlo. They’re [relatively] new and shiny and really good. I hope to see them again this year.

And of course The Flaming Lips. One of the best bands to see live, ever. (Happy birthday, Wayne! ♥)

Happy new year, readers and friends. May it be the best one yet.



I’ve been staying in Hackney a lot the last couple of years. At first I was ambivalent. It was not love at first sight. But then I found all its cool little places. And I got hooked. So buy me an “I ♥ Hackney” t-shirt and mark me down as enthusiastic. And if you’re nice to me I’ll tell you where they make the best veggie moussaka in the borough–Cypiot-style of course.


There is a magical place in London where you can see bands play for the price of an album, a t-shirt and showing up on time (or begging the bouncer to let you in. Good luck with that.) The gigs there are so small you may even get to talk to the band after.

That is where I saw the band Real Estate for the second time.

When I first saw them in Jericho Tavern in Oxford almost two years ago it was their first time in the UK and they were very young, bright-eyed and polite, and they sounded great.

They sounded even better the second time. (They were still very young and very nice.)

Of course I’m a big fan of surf, rock music and the beach, so I might be biased.

I sometimes put their song Beach Comber on repeat and listen to it as I write.

Tiny Mix Tapes has their tour dates. And you can follow them on twitter for updates.


Ah London. How do people live here and not die of exhaustion?

There’s so much to do, so much stuff going on, so many places to discover.

Made it to town just in time for the closing gala of The London Storytelling Festival.

Front row seats to some ridiculously talented people performing their work, including Harry Shearer (Principal Skinner!)

And ended up at Bar Italia because everything else with food in Soho closes at 11.

So many old things, new things, cool things. So of course there are many pictures and there will be many posts. Now that I am home.


(I think the people at The Shop are too busy having a good time out in London to ever show up for work. )


Yes I am in London. Riding trains and buses and tubes and having a good time.

Lots of literary events to go to.

Music and food and everything.

Including taking pictures. And hanging out with friends and family (yay!)

So no posts for a few days.

These shots are from a slide film from a couple years ago. London. Riding trains.