Okay, new thing: when I get stuck on a story, I scan films.

Which is more productive than what I was previously doing: watching too many old episodes of The Big Bang Theory.*

Which is really how I remembered that once, a long time ago when I worked in L.A. I was on a photo assignment at Saks in Pasadena, and on the way to the car I stopped and took some non-work related pictures.

Ah, Kodak, you made good films. I always liked how they were way less green than Fuji. We had some good times. I hope you won’t die like Polaroid.

*On the last picture on the left: The Cheesecake Factory.


  1. jing said:

    Penny. *knock knock* Penny *knock knock* Penny *knock knock*

  2. Polaroid’s death is terrible. Worse almost that you can still buy that imitation 600 film, but at such a prohibitive cost that keeps it out of reach.

  3. Ioanna said:

    I know, right? And yet I still consider buying some and [with much care] taking a few shots… My boyfriend is still using very expired peel-apart film. I might steal some off his stash.

  4. pslayer666 said:


    Omg, the Cheesecake Factory really exists? *mind blown*

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